Lister Petter Fuel Pipe 203-46300, used on the TS/TR model Lister Petter engines

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Fuel Pipe 203-46300, used on model TS and TR Lister Petter engines. This part supersedes part number 203-32161.

This part only fits a 3 cylinder engine if your unit is a 1 or a 2 cylinder engine go back to the parts book and drawing and locate the correct part needed.

These engines were commonly used in generator, water pump, Hydraulic power/pump units, dirt screeners applications.

Read Screen-All used these engines in there later units.

This will be item 13 in the Lister Petter drawing.

You will also need to purchase items  7,8 and 14   to successfully install this part as they are sold separately and are crucial for a leak free install.

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