Lister Petter Fuel Lift Pump 201-46298

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Fuel lift pump used on the Lister Petter TS2, TS3 engines, it was also used on the TX2 and TX3 engines

If your fuel lift pump does not look like this pump you probably have the old style of pump and you will need to upgrade with the Accessory kit, The kit includes a new pump but just as important it includes new piping and fittings.  Accessory kit for the TS2/TR2 is 570-34690. Accessory kit for the TX2 and TX3 is part number 570-35960. 

You need to order the gasket for the lift pump also, part number is 602-36721

The important thing to verify is the orientation of the inlet and outlet of the fuel pump the bolt pattern and making sure its the same as yours.

The TX2 engine was used in the Read Screenall RD-40 

The TS2 engine was used in the Amida Light towers, Model numbers LT 5000 and the LT7000.

In the Amida parts catalog it shows the part number for the fuel lift pump as 830859 and Lister's Part number as 570-34700 if you order this you may get more then you need, please call our parts hotline and we'll help you get it figured out.

Please share with us the equipment type your engine is being used in so we can help others, parts manuals of your equipment is very helpful.



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