Read Screen-All, Hydraulic plastic cooling fan blade assembly, part number 97101, used on the RD-40 and RD-90 screens.

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Read Screen-All, Hydraulic plastic cooling fan blade assembly, this assembly is mounted to the front of the Lister Petter engine. OPP part number is 97101.

This will be part number 8 in the RD-40 drawing and item 12 in the RD-90 drawing, look at the bottom of the drawings and you will see the difference in the models. 

The OE part number is 10179 for both the RD-40 and the RD-90.

This fan gets very neglected, it should be taken cared of along with the hydraulic cooler itself cleaning both often will extend the life of the hydraulic system.

Disclaimer; Online Power Products has no connection with Read Screen-All or with any parent company of Read Screen-All.

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