Read Screen-All, Seal kit for hydraulic shaker motor, part number 77801, used only on the RD-40 screen.

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Read Screen-All, Seal kit for the hydraulic shaker motor, Part number 77801.

This part is not listed in the Read parts manual but is for item number 1 in the parts drawing.

Pay close attention to the drawing, the drawing is very true to the shape, thru the years as these machines get older hydraulic motors and pump have been changed out to other brands your motor should look like what's in this drawing otherwise its a good chance that this seal kit may not work.

When something like this has happened it's usually pretty obvious, no one ever repaints a new motor or pump so that will be your first clue that you may have to pay a little more attention to what's going on in this area of your machine.

There will be a tag on the motor with product info, its better to take several pictures of the tag and send them to us we'll make sure that we get you the correct seal kit. If the paint is all original to your machine this will be the kit you need. 

The RD-90 machine used a different motor so this kit for sure will not work on a 90

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