Read Screen-All, Rear Hydraulic cylinder, part number 36301, used on the RD-40 and the RD-90 screens.

Sale price$ 927.89


36301 Front/Rear Hydraulic cylinder, used to lift the axle from it's road position to a work site position, this same cylinder is used on the front/rear of the screen.
The original cylinder is no longer available nor is a repair kit available (item #7) for the original cylinder.

Online Power Products has sourced an affordable cylinder to replace the OEM part. This new cylinder is a high quality replacement part that we think is actually better then the original cylinder. This new replacement cylinder is half the price of the OEM replacement that they provide.  

The OE part number was 10363

This will be item 1 in the parts diagram 

Pins are not included with the purchase of the hydraulic cylinder but are shown for informational purposes only.

Disclaimer; Online Power Products has no connection with Read Screen-All or with any parent company of Read Screen-All.

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