02502AH Adapter 2" x 1 3/4" Bell Reducer , This is an OPP Adaptable Hose Product that takes a 2" hose to 1 3/4" as a bell reducer or vice a versa. hoses together.

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02502AH, 2" ID to 1 3/4" ID Hose bell adapter. 

This bell reducer would be used in a particular situation where you had the perfect hose setup but had to get the assembly down to 1 3/4" or up to 2 inches at the start or the end of the assembly.

These types of hose configuration are often needed on older out of production power-plants. Be sure to order the needed hose coupler also.

This product will fit straight or flexible coolant hoses, this product is recommended for coolant or air applications only.

Using adaptable hose products will ensure a strong and professional upper and lower radiator hose assemblies. 

This product should be on every service truck and will reduce time and call backs. Please check out all the other Adaptable Hose Products.

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