624-50000 Fuel Lift Pump, Lister Petter used in the Lister Petter Delta series engines.

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624-50000 Fuel Lift Pump, This lift pump is the latest up to date pump used on the DWS4 Delta diesel engine. 

This will be item #19 in the Lister Petter drawing.

The DWS4 engine was installed in the Kolberg-Pioneer line of dirt screeners, it also saw use in Hydraulic pacs, Hawkpower generators and water pump applications.

As an authorized Lister Petter distributor all parts are OEM, not questionable chinese knock offs, it makes a difference.

We understand there is a price difference between our OEM fuel pumps and the ones you'll find on the internet but be assured there is a big difference between the two, if you had the 2 side by side its huge. Pump diaphragm is thinner, screws are different, a lot times the threads are stripped out, the position of the inlet and outlet are wrong, the primer mechanism is very cheap and that's just the stuff you see from the outside.

You get what you pay for and that's a fact when it comes to these parts. 

Gasket ( part number 751-11761 ) is not included with pump. 

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