40-2090659 Oil pan gasket set, Hercules model G1600 engine.

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40-2090659 Oil pan gasket set, used on the 1600 series Hercules engines.

This will be item number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7  in the Hercules drawing.

Part numbers associated with this set are as follows.

40-2090616 L.H. oil pan gasket

40-2090615 R.H. oil pan gasket

360062 Seal, oil pan-front

360063 Seal, oil pan-rear

40-2090632 gasket, drain

This set is not shown in the parts book and individual gaskets are not available anymore only as this set.

This engine was used used in numerous lines of forklifts and generators including DMT, Caterpillar, Clark, Komatsu and Daewoo. 

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