287370-00 Water pump, complete rebuilt. Used on the 3400 series and the D298 Hercules engines. ($1000.00 refundable core charge included in costs).

Sale price$ 1,850.00


287370-00 Water pump, complete rebuild, for the 6 cylinder engines, used on the 3400 the D198 and the  D298 Hercules engines. 

Rebuilt water pumps include new bearings, new water pump seal, snap ring, pump attaching gasket, gasket cover. 

This pump will not work  on the 4 cylinder engines, for these engines see part number 287374.

1 year warranty included.

Please note, this pump was produced with several different water pump pulley configurations, while the technican is in the field, at the engine, have that person take several pictures of the pulley area so pictures can be passed on too us.  This helps knowing which pulley or pulley adapter to use, saving trips and time getting you the correct assembly.

Price includes a core charge of $1000.00 which will be returned when Online Power Products receives a rebuild-able core. No damage to the main housing casting at all constitutes a rebuild-able core.

Damaged cores can be repaired no matter what the shape it maybe in, repair cost will be subtracted from the $1000.00 core charge deposit.

Prior to sending out the rebuilt water pump, pictures of your pump are required for verification. and to confirm the type of fan hub you have and the position of the hub on the pump shaft for proper fan belt alignment.

If the deposit is too much or for any other reason, you can elect to send us your pump and we'll be happy to rebuild it. Just use the rebuild option, part number 255368-00 and you can proceed using that option.

It is not our desire to make this process complicated or expensive but due to the scarcity of these pumps we have to maintain strict control of the cores we have so others will have the opportunity for a rebuilt unit.



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