287374 Pump Assembly, Water used on the 2300 series and D198 Hercules Gas and Diesel engines. ($1000.00 refundable core charge included in the cost)

Sale price$ 1,850.00


287374 Water Pump assembly used on the Hercules D2300 , G2300 and the D198  industrial engines.  Alternate part number will be 40-3035079

This will be item number 1 in the Hercules drawing.

This is a new factory pump and will include the mounting gaskets needed for the basic install. There is a $1000.00 core charge on these pumps as they are very rare now and Online Power Products.com must retain accountability of all cores in our possession so others have the opportunity for a rebuilt pump. You will receive your core charge money back as soon as Online Power Products.com receives a rebuild-able core. The core deposit will be electronically returned back to your credit card. 

Your other option is to send us your water pump and we will rebuild and return your actual pump, and you don't worry about the deposit. You will be responsible for the shipping cost to our location. To  send us your pump use part number 255368-00.

This is a unique opportunity as there is very few new units available. This pump does not include the fan belt pulley but does include the pulley hub.

Please pay strict attention to the pulley hub that this unit has as there were different types used thru the years. There was even a system that the hub and the pulley were all one piece. We'll work together to make sure you get the correct pulley installed.

The position of the hub needs to be compared to yours as this is critical for the proper alignment of the fan belt assembly, it's best to take a picture of your setup so we have a reference.

This pump is different from the G and D3400 series and the D298 engines, it will not interchange/fit these engines.


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