26299001 Elliott MagneTek digital engine controller

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26299001 Elliott MagneTek digital generator controller. This was the digital controller used on the majority of the later Elliott MagneTek generators, this controller is available in its original form but with updated components.

This is a plug and play controller with only minor adjustments and gives all the same features as your original.

Unlike controllers today this controller has to be made specifically for your generator and is not programmable in the field, allow 3 weeks for delivery after payment.

This being a electronic part there are no refunds or returns after purchase, repairs can be made on a new unit and if there are any problems after purchase Online Power Products will determine the cause of a failure and will stand by any factory defects. All customer damage will be the responsibility of the customer.

 Each controller comes with a reprint of the original operators manual.

If needed a remote annunciation panel is available for an additional cost

 Please note : In the first controller picture the black metal mounting plate is not included and is only shown to help identify what you may have.

The controller being sold is the basic digital controller if you have a larger generator 400kw and above this pricing will not apply to your unit and Online Power Products will have to give you a quoted individual price for your unit. 

Because this is a special order item it shows “Out of Stock” that’s not the case each one is a custom build and lead time is 3 weeks.

Call Online Power Products at 1 805 792-7616 for details.

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